Summer in MacGroveland

There’s all sorts of construction around the neighborhood
in the yard, around the house.
Big slabs of concrete, all uprooted and stacked on the sidewalk
buckling the streets with piles of gravel
and these huge, deep holes that never drain out their water

And the contraptions! All kinds of them!
Designed to pour concrete and dig tunnels or
shave away the asphalt
are just left on corners
without any consideration
for their presence
in the lives of those
who live here

They come pushing through my door
pulling the pipes from my walls,
taking gas lines and anything else
but not before
not telling me
they intended to
shut off my water or the heat
or whatever they’d like while
leaving me lead advisories and
traffic cones where the trees used to be

But, I guess we’re all getting together
and building something.
and it feels good
to get everyone together
and build something.